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Worker groups

The platform organizes and coordinates the work of volunteers that want to support refugees people.

The Platform for aid to Refugees in Murcia (Plataforma de Ayuda a Refugiados en Murcia) does not pretend to act in isolation. It pretend to act coordinately with the main entities and NGOs that carry out direct management of this reception and integral assistance in our area.

The main aim of the platform is to bring the greatest quality and quantity of assistance as possible to the refugees. For that, the platform organized volunteers work through the coordination of professional and especialized groups that are able to work in several areas but in a complementary and integral way.

For the coordination and management of the aid, the platform alternate face-to-face meetings for specific actions and collaborative networking, maximizing resources and contributions from the volunteers. Currently, there are several working groups throught which volunteers can participate in the platform:

Translators || Lawyers || Health specialists || Food bank, clothing and food || Storage and transport || Teachers  || Social Assistance || Social Networks and Communication || Website and design || Email