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The Platform

The Platform for aid to Refugees in Murcia

The Platform for aid to Refugees in Murcia (Plataforma de Ayuda a Refugiados en Murcia) is a collective form by citizens that want an active organization, as well as collaborate with institutions, ONGs and other platforms both in the integration of refugees in our area, and in giving support  to those who are in transit to Europe or within their borders.

The Platform aims:

1. To encourage the social inclusion of the refugees arriving to the Murcian Region.

2. To verify the compliance of the obligations related with the concession and the real exercise of the associated rights to the refugee status and the subsidiary protection.

3. To contribute to the support, accompaniment, and assistance of the applicants that have not been conceeded the refugee status or the subsidiary protection.

4. To inform and raise awareness within the population about the situation in which refugees are.

5. To channel the social support and solidarity of the citizens from the Murcia Region to the refugees.

6. To support NGOs in transit zones of refugees.

7. To promote the involvement of public and private initiative in actions of direct help to refugees.

8. To monitor the compliance of the commitments of public administrations that are competent authorities in matters of granting help to refugees.